Art by Sarah B. Smith

Artist Statement

Artist Statement of Sarah B. Smith, Seattle/Tacoma artist.


Artist Statement

I am driven by the desire for a deeper understanding of our Universe and the consciousness we reside in.

In my most recent works, I am compelled to explore the connections and similarities on both micro and macro scale in science and nature, and in turn visually express ideas and feelings about these connections. Through non-figurative painting I explore the similarities in form, materials, patterns and colors of an environment others may not see and a reality that stretches beyond the imagination.

In contrast, I create surreal, narrative environmental portraits using digital camera and the process of photo­montage that utilize symbols of mysticism and esoterica to explore a spiritual and psychological narrative held within the labyrinth of human experience. I create with that lingering need for escape from reality in mind, that perhaps these works may provide a new source of fantasy.